Thursday, 11 April 2013

Please share your thoughts and Vote

This is just a hair-brained Idea that I thought might centralize most of the communications we will be engaging in over the next few months. If you think it will work, great! if not please say so.


  1. I like it. Thanks for setting it up.

  2. Well, it took awhile, but I finally figured out how to comment on this post versus edit the post.
    Can this blog email me anytime this blog is updated? I poked around for that, too, with no luck. I see how I can subscribe to this thread, but I'd rather see any update to any part of this blog.
    As of right now, I'm unsure! I like the informality and quickness of Facebook. I don't blog but I do facebook post!

    1. I have been putting everyone as admin that way you have access to everything which includes editing/deleting posts. If you would prefer I can put you as an author, you will be able to write a post or comment on one but not edit a preexisting post.
      here is the help page for adjusting your email settings
      you will want to be on your personal profile page to find this drop down menu option

    2. Hm, this box was already checked for me. It says on that page : "When this box is checked, you'll be sure to hear the latest from the team on how to get the most out of your blog. If at any time you want to stop receiving notifications from Blogger, simply uncheck the Feature Announcements box and you won't hear another word from us."

      It doesn't sound like that will email anytime this blog is changed, but rather it will email when the Blogger tool is updated.

      I suspect that if you want email notifications, you have to subscribe to each comment thread.

    3. Ahh see thats me not reading all the way through before sending out the link. I am pretty new to 'blogger' or any blogging sites so I don't know exactly how everything works. I do really like the set-up though

    4. I think you do have to subscribe to each thread. If you find some way to do it for the entire blog, definitely let me know. :)

    5. I don't think there's a way to subscribe to the whole blog. An RSS reader might do the job close enough though.

  3. Oh, and the initial confusion is that logging into your blogger accounts takes you to a more tech-y admin view than to the blog homepage:
    So, without that link, it's pretty confusing. With that link, it all makes a ton more sense!

  4. I think this will work. I will set up email notifications via each thread. Thanks for setting it up. Andy


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