Thursday, 11 April 2013


So I have gone ahead and created this blog so that you can at least see what it is that I am envisioning.  As a group there is a lot of  ground to cover to make the hibernaculum as awesome as we all want it to be from showers to decor and I believe that this layout has the potential for us to all have a central place to request and offer that which is needed. If it doesn't fly it doesn't fly I can disassemble it with no harm done.


The setup crew will be arriving on the Friday before the event and is responsible for setting up the bat-go-round and the main shade. It's tough work but fun.
Right now it's Taco, Lara, Blane, Dan, and Jean but we will add others as we get early arrival passes.


Layout will be done by Taco and Lara once we figure out how much space we have. That'll be in early July.

Communal Shade - Decore

By: BatGirl & Jasmyn
What is This?
~This is where we design a pimped out chill space! walls and floors, lets get cozy!
What do we need from all of you?
~We need to transform a 400 square foot area into a super cozy comfy space
~  pillows, cushions, blankets, plush ground cover to lounge sprawl out on (there is a floor under it all)
Some things that might be a nice edition are; blow-up furniture...

Communal Shade - Music and Sound

What is this...
What I/we need from all of you...

Tequila Party

What is this...
What I/We need from all of you...


What is this...
What I/we need from all of you...