Thursday, 11 April 2013

Communal Shade - Decore

By: BatGirl & Jasmyn
What is This?
~This is where we design a pimped out chill space! walls and floors, lets get cozy!
What do we need from all of you?
~We need to transform a 400 square foot area into a super cozy comfy space
~  pillows, cushions, blankets, plush ground cover to lounge sprawl out on (there is a floor under it all)
Some things that might be a nice edition are; blow-up furniture...


  1. I donated a blow up couch last year. I think Lara mentioned it in the skype meeting. Andy

  2. We will be setting the structure up near the end of May to get a better idea if what all we need. For now I'd like to do a call out... What do you have to contribute? we need lots of comfort here!!!
    Pillows, cushions, mats, blankets....cozy and easy to transport ;)
    Is the blow up couch still around by chance?

    1. The blow up couch is with Lara and Taco. :)

  3. So far we have...
    -6 yellow blow fitness balls, 2 blue, 1 purple and I think I have a silver one or two
    -10-14 various cushions

    1. 2-4" foam pads... side by side they are equivalent to a double mattress
      2- quilts
      4-small cushions
      Maybe a couch?
      1massage rope set-up
      Massage chair


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